Rudgwick Parish Council
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About the Council

Welcome to Rudgwick Parish Council.  The Parish Council has eleven elected volunteer Councillors and is supported by the Clerk to the Parish Council and the Assistant Clerk.  The Parish office is generally open Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 4pm.  All staff are part time and so it is advisable to call prior to visiting to ensure someone is in the office and in a position to attend to your enquiry.  

The Parish Council meets at Rudgwick Hall, Guildford Road, Bucks Green, Rudgwick, West Sussex, RH12 3JJ, usually on the second Monday of the month, starting at 7pm.  Members of the public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings.  The calendar of meetings for the current year can be found here.

Every Full Parish Council Meeting Agenda has an item allowing members of the public to raise any issues. Unless such issues are on the agenda for that meeting, Councillors may not be able to discuss these issues until the next Parish Council meeting.  Please note that if you wish the Parish Council to discuss any particular issue, the details must be submitted to the Parish Clerk at least one week prior to the meeting date.

The council also operates committees to discuss various aspects of council business.  At Rudgwick, these committees are: Finance, Policies and Human Resources; Halls and Recreation and Planning.  Although topics covered by these committees are generally discussed at full council meetings, the committees can host their own meetings.  You can find out more about the scope of the committees here. 

What we do

There are three tiers of local government.  Each tier has certain areas of responsibility and these can be seen below:


West Sussex County Council (

  • Children's services (including education)
  • Fire
  • Highways (maintenance, traffic management and street lighting)
  • Libraries
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Social services
  • Some planning functions
  • Trading standards
  • Transport
  • Waste disposal

Horsham District Council (

  • Collection of Council tax and rates
  • Environmental health
  • Housing
  • Local development plans
  • Planning applications
  • Public conveniences
  • Recreation, arts, museums and tourism
  • Minor roads, footpaths and car parks
  • Waste collection and recycling

Rudgwick Parish Council

  • Allotments
  • Burial grounds
  • Bus shelters
  • Public benches
  • Footpaths
  • Markets
  • Recreation
  • Village Halls and village greens
  • War memorials