Rudgwick Parish Council
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Traffic Calming Working Group

The Traffic Calming Working Group (“TCWG”) is a sub-committee of Rudgwick Parish Council (“RPC”).  The TCWG is mandated to consider and evaluate initiatives to calm traffic through the parish and to make recommendations to RPC.  Although several parish councillors sit on the TCWG, it does not itself have a mandate.

Measures approved by RPC remain subject to approval from West Sussex County Council (“WSCC”) Highways department.  Schemes are assessed on a number of different criteria, including impact and value for money.  Needless to say, funding is not unlimited and we compete with every other parish for an allocation.  Schemes have to pass a de minimis score in order to get taken forward – the TCWG aims to put forward the best case for allocation to come to Rudgwick’s initiatives, which includes obtaining support from its residents.  Although limited, RPC does have access to Section 106 / Community Infrastructure Levy (“CIL”) funds that are collected from developments within the parish to the extent that such funds are earmarked for traffic related measures.

The TCWG considers a wide variety of measures that can be targeted at calming traffic movement through the parish.  However, enforcement rests solely with the police and we have no local mandate to take action against motorists.  What we can do, is look to measures that can influence motorists behaviour.  Regardless of any measures that we are able to execute, nothing will stop unabashed recklessness.  There will always be bad apples and we have to live with it.  Furthermore, we cannot impact the volume or types of traffic.  The highways are public for all motorists to use at their free will and measures do need to bear that in mind.